What is Bitcoin?
What is a blockchain?
What is decentralized?
What is bitcoin scarcity?
How are new bitcoins created?
What is a block halving?
What is a confirmation?
What is a transaction ID?
What is a block explorer?
What are 3 specific ways you can buy bitcoin?

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VIDEO # 1, student
Record video widescreen view (landscape).
No editing, good lighting, no background music or noise.
Read each question off a list in the same order as above.
Answer in your own words without reading answers.

VIDEO # 2, graduate
Record video widescreen view (landscape).
Begin of video, show face and speak.
Talk and exchange from bitcoin to Bitconnect $100 loan.
Before loan, show and talk about volatility software daily interest.
After loan, show and talk about referral link on dashboard.
End of video, show referral page that sponsor is BCCschool.
Videos added to graduates playlist.

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